Our History

The idea of forming a British–Yemeni bilateral friendship society was first conceived during a visit to the UK in February 1992 by Dr ʿAbd al-Karim al-Eryani, then Foreign Minister of the nascent Republic of Yemen. By August of that year an interim committee was formed that undertook the task of forming the Society. Its five members were Bill Heber-Percy, later to become the first Chairman, Julian Lush, Julian Paxton, Mike Whittall and Charles Leslie. On 11 February 1993, a year after the idea was first mooted, the British–Yemeni Society came into being with 120 individual, and 15 corporate members. The Society's logo, a fine bit of calligraphy, was conceived by Dr Venetia Porter.

[excerpt from Julian Lush (2013) "The Birth of the British-Yemeni Society", BYS Journal vol. 21, pp. 10-12]

Past Chairs of the British–Yemeni Society

Dr Noel Brehony CMG (2018–2019) (second term)

Dr Robert Wilson OBE (2015–2018)

Dr Noel Brehony CMG (2010–2015) (first term)

Julian Lush (2009) (acting)

Victor Henderson CMG (2005–2008)

Douglas Gordon (1999–2005)

Stephen Day CMG (1998–1999)

William (Bill) Heber Percy MBE (1993–1998)