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The British-Yemeni Society was founded in February 1993 to promote mutual friendship and understanding, and to advance public knowledge in the United Kingdom about the Republic of Yemen, its history, geography, economy, and culture. 

The Society holds regular meetings and lectures throughout the year and has been involved in sponsoring artistic visits to and from the UK and Yemen, support for medical and educational initiatives in Yemen, and backing for publications and exhibitions in the UK. The Society also provides a focus for contact between individuals of both countries for the development of cultural, commercial, and humanitarian activities. 

The British-Yemeni Society is a charity registered in the UK (No. 1027531).  Its affairs are managed by an elected Executive Committee and Honorary Officers

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News of the Society

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After some delay the B-YS Journal Vol 29 (2021) has been sent out to members. We are really proud of our Journal in its new format, and it has been well received by our membership... read more
Gabriel Lavin's recent talk on Adeni Music and the Record Industry (1930-1960) can now be seen on YouTube: Yemeni Culture: an exploration of Adeni music in the late colonial... read more
This panel discussion which took place on Zoom on 25 March can now be seen on YouTube, at https://youtu.be/VdVvLE_uDOg . Speakers: Ahmed Nagi, Elana DeLozier, Noel Brehony .
The webinar, with speakers  Amatalim Al-Soswa, Rt Hon Alistair Burt, Jonathan Powell, and Dr Abdulghani Al-Iryani is now available on YouTube, at https://youtu.be/PjI85eGw_cI .
It is with great sadness that we have learned of the death of Bill Heber Percy on Sunday 2 August. Bill was the first Chairman of the BYS, during the formation of our Society and... read more
The presentations given at the discussion meeting that followed the AGM on 19 June are now available on YouTube.  Descriptions of the impact of COVID-19 on Yemen by Dr Sahl... read more
The B-YS will hold its Twenty- seventh Annual General Meeting at 5.30pm on Friday 19th June 2020.  Because of the current pandemic restrictions, the AGM will be held online by... read more
We encourage B-YS members to come forward themselves or to seek other candidates by spreading the word. Further details can be obtained from the current secretary, secretary@b-ys.... read more
It is with the greatest sadness that the British-Yemeni Society has learned of the sudden death of our Chairman, Dr Noel Guckian, CVO OBE, in Ipswich Hospital on 7 December 2019... read more
Dear Members, It is good to end the year with news of real progress in the peace negotiations in Stockholm arranged by Martin Griffiths, the UN Peace Envoy and his team with a lot... read more
Thank you for re-electing me to the position of Chair of the B-YS at our recent AGM and for electing and re-electing committee members.  The B-YS is stronger now than it has been... read more
The British-Yemeni Society wishes members and friends Eid Mubarak at the end of the fasting month of Ramadan.  Let us pray that Yemen's trials may soon be brought to a peaceful... read more
We were having problems with a deluge of spam e-mails.  In repairing the site we have lost much recent material.  We shall try to be back up to date as soon as possible. (10 April... read more
It is very difficult for me as chairman of the B-YS, to write a "festive season" message to members of the British-Yemeni Society.  The past few days have seen the launch of a... read more
Dear Members, I am saddened to have to say that the news from Yemen has not improved since I wrote at the beginning of July.  The peace talks in Kuwait paused for a couple of... read more
Dear Members, Our AGM was well attended on 2 June, just before the start of Ramadan.  The buffet at Baden Powell House, over the road from the Yemeni Embassy, made it a pleasant... read more
The British-Yemeni Society has added its name to a statement calling on governments to stop to arms supplies to all parties in the current conflict in Yemen, and for a credible... read more
The news from Yemen has remained grim over the past weeks.  Security in Aden is poor to say the very least; Taizz is still a battleground inside a siege as far as one can tell;... read more
The British-Yemeni Society, its Chairman Dr Robert Wilson, OBE and its Executive Committee note with sorrow the death of Dr Abdul Karim al-Eryani, a central figure in Yemeni... read more
YEMEN CRISIS APPEAL The British-Yemeni Society has been following with concern the deterioration of the humanitarian situation in Yemen since 2014.  The Society is especially... read more


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The Museum of Architecture, a new London-based organisation, and the British Council sponsored an exhibition this summer intended to highlight architectural interpretations of the ‘home’ in the Arab world. Dr Damluji was invited to contribute an audio-visual... read more
Benedict Wilkinson is in the final stages of his PhD at King’s College London, where he is writing about the strategies of violent Islamist groups in Egypt, Yemen and Saudi Arabia. He was previously Head of Security and Counter-Terrorism at the Royal United... read more
In the year of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth’s Diamond Jubilee, the following article recalls highlights of her visit to Aden in 1954. We are indebted to Dr Carol Downer for all but one of the b/w illustrations which accompany the text. These have been... read more
This article is based on Saleem Haddad’s talk to the Society on 28 March 2012. Saleem Haddad and Joshua Rogers work for Saferworld’s Yemen programme. The programme focuses on promoting political inclusion and enhancing understand- ings of security and justice... read more
In 2006 we published a note about the museum which had been established in France in 1990 to celebrate de Monfreid’s remarkable life (1879-1974), not least his exploits in the Red Sea and Ethiopia during the early decades of the last century. We also... read more
It has been popular – indeed is now almost conventional – to describe prerevolutionary Yemen as having been isolated and backward; it has been characterised as ‘mediæval’ or as ‘the Tibet of the Middle East’ in many Western academic articles and journalistic... read more

Charitable work of the society

In December 2021 B-YS provided a tonometer (a valuable diagnostic tool used for testing the fluid pressure inside the eye) to the Ras Morbat Eye Clinic in Aden. The B-YS is grateful to all those who made this possible, and to those who continue to... read more
In early August 2021 B-YS member Muhammad Bin Dohry presented a donation of $2750 from the British Yemeni Society to the Al Rahma Cooperative Hospital in Mukalla. The funds will go towards the cost of purchasing an X-ray machine, and purchasing items... read more
The B-YS is supporting Action for Child Trauma International in its steps to get established in Yemen. ACTI has years of experience worldwide in treating children who have lives shattered by conflict, violence and natural disasters, many of whom will go on to... read more
Since the start of the current conflict in Yemen and in response to the rapidly deteriorating humanitarian situation in the country, The British–Yemeni Society has been running its Yemen Crisis Appeal. The Society collected from members and friends more... read more
In mid-2018, B-YS received a request from the Ras Morbat clinic in Aden for help with replacing their air conditioning units.  B-YS was pleased to fund the purchase and installation of five units, making conditons for patients and doctors a little more... read more
In 2014 the British-Yemeni Society supported a proposal submitted through the al-Dhala Community Resource Management Project (ACRMP) for the supply of equipment for the laboratory of the then non-functioning Zubaid Health Unit in the al-Dhala Governorate for... read more
The British-Yemeni Society has over the years supported the work of a number of Yemeni organisations that focus in the provision of health services to local communities throughout the country. Either through a Christmas Appeal, individual members' initiatives... read more
The British-Yemeni Society has consistently supported the work of the Ras Marbat Eye Clinic in Aden (run by Christ Church Aden of the Anglican Diocese of Cyprus and the Gulf). Over the years, the Society has committed funds collected during its annual... read more
The British Yemeni Society has helped to fund 2 female students from the island of Soqotra to read for a degree in medicine at  the University of the Hadhramaut in Mukalla.  There are at present no female doctors on the island. Ikhlas Mohamed Saad... read more